comfy chic outfit how to wear elastic pants 

There’s a lot to be thankful for this year - health, happiness and the resurgence of fancy stretchy waistband pants. If there’s one thing you need to always keep in mind when planning your Thanksgiving outfit…. it’s how much room is there for post feasting expansion? If the answer is none - you have the wrong outfit in mind, missy.

It’s time to embrace the elastic waistband and shapeless dresses and, since sweatpants and garbage bags are not allowed at the dinner table (for good reason), you have to get creative. This is not the day to debut your new crop top, just like this isn’t the day to start your new diet. It’s Thanksgiving.  

You don’t have to be sloppy to be comfortable. Also something I wish I could scream from the loud speaker at the airport. There are so many options out now that allow you to be presentable, but not restricted. I’ve decided to round up a few of my outfit inspirations that leave room for seconds!

how to wear wide legged pants comfy outfit

I love this metallic pant look because it makes a statement, but the black top keeps it muted so it's appropriate to wear at the dinner table. 

how to wear a jumpsuit comfy culottes 

I've been very honest about my love for jumpsuits and this one is just perfect for eating, lounging and still looking put together! 

jogger pants how to wear to work
how to wear wide leg pants to work 

These two looks are the classic elastic waistband look. Can't go wrong with a solid black jogger or some culottes. Keep the top simple and it helps everything not say 'pajamas'. 

comfy outfit holidays leather pants

This top is amazing, right?! It's so chic and yet roomy and comfortable that you look like you put a lot of thought into it, but really, you just wanted room to carb load. 

elastic leather pants outfit 
sequins elastic pants how to wear holiday outfit

Both the sequin and leather elastic pants are every girls answer to comfort and style. First off, I'm pretty obsessed with sequins pants in general this season, but the leather pants are the perfect pair. All the other versions I've seen also have elastic at the ankle and that's honestly pretty unflattering - at least on me. So this pair is perfect for pretty much any body type. 

winter zara dress holiday outfit

You can never go wrong with a shapeless dress for holiday feasting! So much space on space that there's more than enough room for that second slice of pie! 

Now go enjoy the holiday meals! 

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