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As a working mother in New York City, do you know how many times I’ve said ‘I would kill for someone to come over and just make us dinner tonight!’? Oh god, at least 100 times. And I’ve meant it in the most desperate way every time. I’m not blessed with the cooking bug and my best meals are usually reminiscent of the ‘daily specials’ at a retirement home - sauteed broccoli, cottage cheese, hummus, bland grilled chicken usually burned cause I’m scared of getting salmonella. It’s truly all I can muster together after a long day. Now, I know what you’re saying at this point…. what about Seamless? Well, yes. But I’m also picky and don’t like most of the pizza, sushi, burger situations that come with delivery and it takes like an hour to arrive. One off situations here and there… sure. But we don’t have a local staple that could just delivery a healthy, reasonably priced grilled chicken and veggie option to my front door. (#firstworldproblems)

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Imagine my joy of all joys when Kitchensurfing popped up on my radar. They offer a rotating selection of seasonal menus that are made with sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. And that's right up my ally. They literally send a personal chef to your kitchen, they bring all of the food/supplies/cooking utensils with them and prepare-cook-serve-clean up-out the door in 30 minutes. Is this a mythical creature you ask?

After a long week I figured, why the heck not? Let’s try it out! I scheduled us for a Friday night so we could pretend it was like a date night on the town and keep the wine flowing. Plus, we didn’t have to find a sitter for Parker and we all got to spend quality time together without fussing over all the other stuff. We just get to sit back and feel full-time fancy. Best part, it’s basically cheaper than if we did actually go out on a date night. It’s $25 per person for a group of four, which is great if you want to have another couple over for dinner. They even had a portion for Parker and there were leftovers. I’m addicted.

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Does this sound too good to be true? Are you in need of a dinner intervention? Well, it’s your lucky day. Visit Kitchensurfing by using THIS LINK and your first meal for two is FREE! Yes, free. So check it out, learn more on the website and enjoy a fancy meal in the comfort of your home.