A Fresh Skincare Routine with OLLY Nutrition

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Over the years my daily skincare routine has taken so many twists and turns that it feels like such success when you find a groove that actually feels like it’s working. Since beginning to slowly integrate more natural and clean products into my daily life, I’ve been on a long trial and error journey that I believe has finally found its stride. The most challenging part over the last few years has been when my skin changed with each pre and post pregnancy season, sometimes being more on the dry side and other times being more on the sensitive side. I’ve started taking on the philosophy that it’s so much more important to take care of my skin than to try and cover up my skin. The first thing to go out the window once I had my kids was my ‘getting ready time’ in the morning. I’ve learned to work within a 20-25min timeframe for hair, makeup and getting dressed. I don’t have time to do intricate makeup or deal with problematic skin. It has been really refreshing to be able to wear less makeup and feel just as, if not more, confidant when I walk out of the house.

Thought it might be helpful to walk you through my products, their uses and why I love them. No single product cures all the ailments or is a quick fix for your skin. All of these things are used together as part my current daily skincare regimen and can obviously work different for each person and your specific skin dynamic.


DRINK WATER: With Sidney Sloane acting as my alarm clock, the first thing I usually grab for in the morning is my water. My favorite insulated water bottle sits next to my bed and I start getting those ounces of H2O in right away. I can tell when I don’t drink enough water in a day - your skin shows the dehydration!

OLLY NUTRITION FLAWLESS COMPLEXION: These new little gummies from OLLY pack some serious punch. They contain skin-nourishing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and superfoods and they help purify and detox skin cells. I believe a great starting point for healthier skin is from the inside! Plus, they contain B6 and Zinc to support normal hormone health… which is a big necessity in my daily life as a mom. Pill swallowing has never been my strength, so it’s been so easy to keep up with these morning and night since the gummies basically taste like heaven.

MOISTURIZE: I use a combo of Beauty Counter’s Nourishing Day Cream and Juice Beauty’s Organic Face Primer to moisturize my skin before putting any makeup on. I also use Juice Beauty's Green Apple moisturizer sometimes. I find it calms my skin really well. 


MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER:  I wash my face twice and this is the first washing point. I use a large round cotton circle to wipe my face off of all the makeup and such. This is great at gently removing all skin and eye makeup so that when I was it for the second time, that facial cleanser is actually hitting my skin.

FRESH SOY FACE CLEANSER: This is the second wash. After I’ve wiped off all of my face makeup, I use this to then cleanse my skin.

COCONUT OIL: This is mainly used to remove my eye makeup. I’ve found this amazing unrefined version in a pure liquid that I keep in a dispenser next to the sink for easy use.

ROSEHIP OIL: Great for anti-aging and scar treatment. The essential fatty acids in rose hip seed oil can help reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration. 

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: In a travel sized container, I mix 75% ACV with 25% water, put the cap on and shake it up to mix it together. Then I have it next to the sink for easy access each night. I will squirt a bit onto a cotton round and apply all over my freshly washed face.

BEAUTYCOUNTER CHARCOAL MASK: I use this once a week to help clean out the pores and balance my skin out. Charcoal is a magical thing for your skin!

SILK PILLOWCASE: After reading about the benefits to your hair and skin from sleeping on a silk pillowcase, I recently ordered this one from Amazon. So far, I think it’s actually helped my hair not break so much as I toss and turn in the night while sleeping and it is better at keeping in moisture than cotton, so for someone who has dry skin, this has been a major bonus.

Again, I’m not an expert in skincare, but these are some of my staple items and my current simplified routine that has been really helping give my skin some new life recently! If there are any clean/natural products you’ve been loving lately, please share!

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To be honest, I feel like our routine (or lack there of) is pretty basic and by the book most mornings. We have so many possible scenarios in our family depending on if one of us is traveling, who is going to an office for the day or who is working from home or does Parker have school or a class… and so on. It’s hard to really tell you exactly what our mornings are like [outside of general chaos], but let’s assume this is a weekday morning where I’m going into the office and Eric is going to be heading out to his studio...

I’ll wake at around 7am and nurse Sidney Sloane for around 20-30min. This may be the most serene time of my day and there’s nothing like starting your morning with some serious baby snuggles… I cherish them. Once she’s fed and happy, I’ll usually bring her into the bathroom with me while I put on makeup and she’ll play and babble. Once I’m done attempting to make it look like I’m not an exhausted human being, I’ll check in to see if our nanny has arrived and will take SS down to hang with her and eat some breakfast so I can get some clothes on. By this time, Eric is usually ready and downstairs making breakfast. He is always on breakfast duty as it’s his specialty. We gotta stick to our strengths! Coffee usually waits until I'm at the office already and I'll take a mid-morning break to run out and grab my necessary cup of decaf. Since Parker is basically a teenager, we’re lucky to see her before we both have to leave the house since she sleeps until like 8:30/8:45am most mornings. God bless her.

If Eric isn’t in town… we could remove breakfast at home from the scenario and assume I’m running 20 minutes behind.

Parker is starting in a two-day summer pre-k program in a couple of months and that will be our first venture into learning to juggle getting her to a designated place in the morning before we head to work. Not quite sure how that will all shake out, but I think having both of the girls at home makes our mornings pretty uneventful and full of the normal mornings stuff with kids! 

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nydj perfect fit jeans

If you can believe it, there were about a good four years of my life where I never wore jeans. My style steered more towards dresses and tights and boots and skirts. It was around the time when skinny jeans were making their way to the states and I just couldn’t get into the look. It was also probably that I couldn’t find a pair that fit like I wanted them too. That’s the thing with jeans… fit is everything. Across the board, whether they are expensive or inexpensive, it doesn’t matter if they don’t fit and flatter in all the ways you want. When the fit is just right, you feel like a million dollars when you put them on.

brunch spread 

Now that jeans are one of my closet staples, it’s exciting when a brand comes along that offers the perfect fit in every style that you can’t help but brag about them to anyone who will listen. That’s how I’ve felt about NYDJ, so when they asked if I’d host a brunch to help introduce my girlfriends to their jeans, it was an easy ‘yes’! While their jeans obviously fit all ladies, I wanted to share them with my mom squad specifically since these were the only jeans I felt amazing in (and that fit!) just weeks after giving birth. They stretch and hug and hold in all of your wobbly bits. Everyone was obviously skeptical the minute I told them to “size down” as you are instructed to with all NYDJ pieces. Funny how we are so conditioned to stick to certain numbers for ourselves. Literally as each gal emerged from the dressing room, they were in disbelief that a) the smaller size fit and b) how comfortable and moveable the jeans were and c) that the smaller size fit! Most admitted they hadn’t worn jeans since prior to being pregnant and now these were the first pair they actually felt good wearing. Every woman found a pair and style that they loved, which made me so happy!

nydj fit is everything
nydj fit is everything

While it’s definitely a blast to host a brunch with friends - the event was actually about something much more important than just food and conversation. First, during the month of March, NYDJ is celebrating its first National Fit Month: a month dedicated to bringing NYDJ’s perfect fit to women everywhere. Second, National Fit Month is the kick-off to NYDJ’s year-long partnership with Clothes4Souls on a one-for-one donation program with the mission of helping women in need. Clothes4Souls creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of clothing around the world to people in poverty and victims of natural disasters. In addition, donations are a key component to the company’s micro-enterprise programs, providing the means for entrepreneurs in developing nations to step out of poverty.

To help promote the month of celebrations, this Try-On event was a perfect way to support the partnership since they are donating an item of clothing to benefit women in need every time a customer simply tries on a pair of NYDJ jeans. Additionally, throughout the month, NYDJ will donate an item of clothing to Clothes4Souls every time a customer purchases a pair of jeans on NYDJ.com. That’s pretty incredible! If you’ve been thinking you need a new pair of jeans, now is the time to try them out! Scroll below to see my current favorites from NYDJ!

nydj jeans fit 
nydj jeans 

Photography by :: Ashtin Paige

This post is sponsored by NYDJ